Diary of Space Psychotic, 1st Entry

This is the continuing saga of Jerry Whiterspoon from An Astronaut’s Perfect Day

Check back every week to find out how he’s doing!


An Astronaut’s perfect day; Diary of A Madman Space Psychotic

— by Jerry Witherspoon (Not me, mind you, it’s the chronicles of the other guy in the cell, or is that guy me too… I get confused, anyway this is our story (but I’m writing it, not him))

Pilot Jerry WItherspoon’s “space psychosis” has been re-assessed by a so called “professional”, and his impaired judgment and paranoid delusions are considered the worst they’ve ever seen. Idiots. He’s perfectly fine.. I may not be, but that’s totally beside the point. I’m just writing about our adventures, because the only thing I have is this little book, this little “diary of a madman”. No, that’s probably copyrighted, I can’t call it that… Here’s the diary of a space psychotic! Ha! (and that’s me, not Jerry, he’s the sane one of course… geesh!)

Co-pilot Peter Pullermann has been promoted to captain, and put in charge of a mission. My mission. After his groin injury heals a little more, that is. Or so I suspect. 🙂

And here I sit in the loony bin. The Martian version.

Shadows everywhere, even in the day time, shards of deep space, painted in little splinters on the wall, black ghosts between little holes that look out onto the rusty, barren surface of Mars. Like the silhouette of a demon with red eyes. These fiends mock me (not Jerry, they leave him alone). If I stare back at them, we see the slopes of Olympus Mons jutting high into the pink sky. Or is it blue? I think I’m color blind, but I digress.

The point is that it’s dangerous out there. Though the atmosphere grows, it’s still too thin, too dangerous.

Too dangerous for her. For Janet, lovely Ms. Gunderson.

It’s cold in here, cold and colorless. I have only one thought, one thought, one thought; to go on that mission. I want to see Janet, though I think she’s been by to see me. I can feel her eyes on me, looking in through the portal in the door, or was it through the shadows? Jerry knows and the jerk won’t tell me (that’s been our only fight thus far. I mean it’s a small cell, there’s bound to be friction).

Anyway, I’m going on that mission, and I will help her, keep her safe. Peter knows what’s out there. It’s a secret, and he knows, but I know too. Mr. Dick Pullerman look out! You don’t know everything. Not like I do. Not like me. I’ll tell Jerry once we bust out of here. Peter thinks he can pull off this mission, do it better, but he can’t. He can’t protect her, not like I can.

Get some sleep.

I can’t sleep, I need to protect you too, don’t you see the demon.

Are you sure you’re not bi-polar? I mean, you look manic.

Maybe I’m both? Ya, sure, whatever.

Listen to me Jerry, listen. I’ll tell you how to get out, then we can sleep; just give me your hand (let go of the pen you dolt, and we’ll fly this coop).

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