I’m running for office to be Ward 2’s civil servant, without regard to salary, desire for multiple terms, or political ideology. I will be the voice of unity and change because I will truly listen to my constituency, ensuring the needs of Ward 2 come first. As a city councilman I will immediately address these three pillars of my campaign, click on each numbered pillar and get the details and proposed solutions:

  1. Focus on Workforce Affordable Housing
    • How do we finally make headway? Simple political willpower! The city succeeded in high-end housing downtown due to laser-beam focus and funding. Finally: let’s make that happen for our lower and middle-class who are getting price out.
    • Add a line item in the budget to put the money where our mouth is
    • Reduce permit and access (sewer, water , electric) fees.
    • The city owns a lot of land within our boundaries. Rather than just cataloguing it for our own budget and maintenance purposes, lets look hard at putting that land to good use.
    • Embrace tax increment financing for below market rate projects, to help those organizations focused on work-force priced housing a reality. Lets also use TIF what it was invented for: fixing blight. We must help those who are living in appalling conditions in Rochester
    • Reorganize the development staff to include someone dedicated to housing that working men and women can afford. Let’s fund it, let’s staff it, and it WILL HAPPEN.
  2. Relationship Building
    • Rochester’s city council, school board, and county have struggled to maintain an effective, productive relationship. Good communication, collegiality, and respect is ALL it takes to get back on track.
    • The city & school board relationship must be much more cohesive and symbiotic.
    • RPS inclusion in the plans for growth means that our city will have a cohesive plan to help eliminate overcrowding, vital when we need to get our children back to school
    • Implement the City/County plan to help the unsheltered homeless. This will require political willpower, leadership and a champion to tie together the city, county, Mayo Clinic, and all the organizations in town that wish to eliminate the conditions creating homelessness.
  3. Revive the Economy
    • Revitalize downtown
    • With balanced growth and focus on affordable housing we’ll reduce property taxes and entice people to settle in Rochester, because they’ll be able to afford to live here.
    • Stop spending money on projects with minimal return on investment.
    • Place a moratorium on property taxes and RPU fees.


VOTE on Election Day Tuesday November 3rd from 7am to 8pmLocate your polling place.

VOTE by Absentee Ballot – Starting September 18th

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Absentee Ballots Must be postmarked by November 3rd or returned in person by 3pm.

In-Person Absentee Ballot

September 18th – November 2nd

Olmsted County Elections Office: 122 Campus Dr. SE Suite 300, Rochester MN 55904

October 27th – November 2nd

Government Center: 151 4th St. SE, Rochester MN 55904 122 Campus Dr. SE Suite 300, Rochester MN 55904

Weekdays (Monday – Friday) from 8am to 5pm

Saturday October 31st from 10am to 3pm

Monday November 2nd from 8am to 5pm

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