I’m sure the last thing people want to think about is the campaign season during these troubling times. I understand the COVID-19 pandemic has caused many people a great deal of pain and anxiety, myself included. We’re all praying for an end, and there will be. I care about all the citizens of Rochester and want to help you. This campaign season is likely going to be one of the most unique ever. Door knocking, group meetings, and face to face debates might not be possible this year. Because of this, I need your help more than ever by hosting lawn signs, posting on social media to help spread my message, and much more.

I’m running for office to be Ward 2’s civil servant, without regard to salary, desire for multiple terms, or political ideology. I will be the voice of unity and change because I will truly listen to my constituency, ensuring the needs of Ward 2 come first. As a city councilman I will immediately address these three pillars of my campaign, click on each to learn more

  1. Balanced Growth
    • Rochester’s growth must be balanced: we must significantly reduce fees and red tape to build single-family homes and neighborhoods, and not be solely focused on downtown and high-density rental development
  2. Education
    • Rochester’s city council and the Rochester Public School district must have a far more symbiotic relationship
  3. The Arts
    • Rochester must maintain its charm, character and soul by encouraging and growing the arts.

We have many other challenges that face Ward 2 and the city. Here are just a few we need to tackle with a fresh perspective and a new approach:

Ward 2 Challenges

1. The Berkman is now an “apartment-hotel”
2. Unacceptable school boundary changes
3. Too much traffic is on the way

City Challenges

1. City council pay raise process must be fixed
2. Too many high-priced consultants


Please consider helping me financially. You may donate up to a maximum of $600. Every dollar helps me get out my message!