Cities with solid foundations includes a strong, vibrant arts community. Rochester has one, but they struggle for funding and space. Even though we live in a time where we must tighten our belts and focus on what we need, the arts remain vital to us as human beings. More than ever we need those human connections. How do I know this? I am a part of the arts community and have seen this to be true. We must not lose sight that we all crave creativity to give us an outlet, and the arts help nurture our humanity and soul. The arts help bring us together as people, so very important in this time of societal fracture and unrest.

We need to give our local artists the means, opportunity and support to gainfully ply their trade. Imagine our artists gaining grants to paint murals for all our businesses, bright vibrant and beautiful external frescos for advertising our cities deep commitment to healing hearts and minds, as our Med City heals bodies. To remind and teach everyone of our vast wealth of talent in our performing arts, craftsman, painters, singers, writers, and the list goes on. There is so much we can do to ensure the arts is one of our city’s foundations. It starts with you and I communicating that desire, and working with the arts community to make it a reality.