Revive the Economy

  • Revitalize downtown; communicate more effectively with business owners and give them the conditions they need to thrive; proper updates on upcoming projects, breaks on property taxes and rent, and simply LISTENING. Lets incorporate THEIR ideas on how to restore downtown as a fun place to go, for both Rochester’s citizens and patients.
  • With balanced growth and focus on affordable housing we’ll reduce property taxes and sprawl. By providing housing people want and need we entice people to stay in Rochester instead of moving to nearby towns and commuting. These towns have become Rochester’s new and growing suburbs! THAT is sprawl. We get all their traffic, but not the economic benefit our employers provide. Let’s keep their pay checks and tax revenue in our city, and we will THRIVE as a community.
  • Stop spending money on projects with minimal return on investment. For example, spending million on bike lanes. When the economy allows it, lets upgrade bike trails and more cost effectively connect them. Instead, concentrate on the backlog of more vital capital projects, such as street repair.
  • Place a moratorium on property taxes and RPU fees: when we’re all struggling I want to stop making it worse for all of us.