The city council voted no to annex a plot of land in the SW where the Rochester Public School (RPS) leaders felt it best to build a new middle school. District experts clearly indicated the SW was the optimal site, and that RPS has the financial resources to pay for nearly all of the construction. Yet, the city council favors a NW location. Our city leaders didn’t include RPS in the comprehensive plan for city growth, and in turn tell district experts where to build a new middle school? RPS deserves more respect and support from our city council.

As a result of my opponent’s strong desire for a location in the NW, the school boundaries in Ward 2 will change so that most of our students will attend John Adams and John Marshal. Had the location been in the SW there would be an even split in Wards 2 between the new middle school and Willow Creek. And Ward 2 students would continue to go to Mayo High School.

I want the children of southwest Rochester to be able to attend a middle school that isn’t crammed and overcrowded. I would support the school’s effort to relieve that pressure by building a new school in the SW. RPS should tell the city what they need and then be supported, because they are the experts. RPS knows what is best for our children.