I’m running for city council to be Ward 2’s civil servant, without regard to salary, desire for multiple terms, or political ideology. I will be the voice of unity and change by truly listening to my constituency, and ensuring their voices and needs come first, not a distant second to tunnel vision of the future. In the here and now we need responsible taxes and meaningful jobs so that Rochester maintains its charm and character while we grow our city. Our city government needs to step back and take a more measured and responsible approach to growing the city, being mindful of every penny.

I’ve seen how the city works, been involved, paid attention, but I’ve grown tired of complaining about how our local politicians are steering the boat. I’ve addressed the city council at the podium, and felt ignored no matter how well-crafted my position. Running for elected office is not easy, but I feel duty bound to stand up and engage in a way that will have a greater impact. I will be diligent and hard working. I’m passionate about Ward 2 and our city’s past, present and future. There are complex challenges facing us and I pledge to tackle them.

There have been too many times that I have heard “why try, when the decisions have already been made.” Not on my watch, they won’t be. I’m thoughtful and considerate of all points of view; we must collaborate. I will respond to each and every one of you. I wish to provide you with the hope that our collective voice matters. It certainly matters to me.

Ward 2 has had 12 years of a particular style of leadership and vision for the future. It is time for a fresh perspective and a new approach. I hope that I can convince you that change is needed, and that I will earn your trust and vote.